Laura Davidson is a trained chef and full-time recipe developer, food photographer, and stylist based in Chicago, Illinois. 

My interest in photography began when I started my blog  after having graduated from professional culinary school in 2012.  It has grown into a passion to create, intensified by observation, practice, learning by trial-and-error, and achievement.  

After finishing culinary school, I worked as a professional cook in Washington, DC before transitioning to managing marketing and communications for a national fine foods distributor. During my time there, I design and created marketing catalogs, as well as photographed and styled commercial photo shoots.

My work and photographs have been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, Tasting Table, The Kitchn, Food 52,, and Martha Stewart.

You can also find me writing, creating recipes, and sharing photographs on my website, A Beautiful Plate.

For more information on pricing or to discuss an upcoming project, please feel free to contact me directly using this form. Thanks for visiting!